Reasons To Hire a San Antonio DWI Attorney

DrunkSanALeaving the club, driving down a long lonely road thinking about all the things that has happened. Wow! Kate is beautiful, what an awesome creature, there has to be a GOD. She walked into the club with a few girlfriends and did she ever stand out. The girl has it all, from looks to intellect, we connected immediately. With a soft-spoken voice, she enticed me to have one shot after the other…we soon parted because she had to pick up her children. Driving home I hoped this meeting with Kate would happen, again and again, feeling like I need sleep because of all the shots at the bar. I think I am driving safely, but am I, is what I am doing dangerous to myself and others, maybe even children?

About that time I see lights in my rear view mirror, oh well there must be trouble up the road, wait a minute it’s me they are after, Help! this is Real! The officer walked up to my car, and the rest was a blur…I have forgotten what I said to him…the next few hours I remember waking up in a jail cell, with cut marks on my wrists where the handcuffs pierced the skin…I saw a pamphlet on the dirty floor with interesting facts about drinking while intoxicated. The first thing that blew my mind was the thought of getting my driver’s license revoked. Click here for DWI Attorney. How am I going to drive to work maybe I don’t need a job, sitting home and watching cartoons may be in my future, seriously I need a job! Looking forward in the pamphlet there are going to be some legal fees, a lawyer is super important to potentially reduce the 180 days of possible jail time, not to mention the thousands of dollars in surcharges to keep my license. Oh yes, bail is important, but I don’t understand the best way to go about making the right decisions. I need to call a Lawyer, if I don’t I will make mistakes that will affect my life and cost me a lot of money especially if I get a lifetime conviction that can never expunged.


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